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On 27, Apr 2013 | No Comments | In | By Naya


Established in 2012, CLEANCUT is a synergy of our love for fashion and our own experiences in the industry.

Raden Ayu Nurhasanah started an online fashion store with her colleagues through social media back in 2009. After graduating in 2010, she had worked twice only to realize she wanted to pursue her dream of having her own fashion brand. She founded CLEANCUT in January 2012, which was only distributed through an online department store.

Along the way, Ayu met her high school dear friend, Media Friesna. She is working in fashion industry and shares the same dream to have a fashion brand.

Media saw the opportunity to grow a fashion business. She asked her former colleague, Medhy Oktiastari, to join the team considering she originally planned to start a fashion business with her. Medhy also has experiences in both handling an online fashion store and in a fashion magazine.

With the same passion and style preferences in fashion, we are motivated to expand CLEANCUT in the more elaborate concept. Then this webstore emanate, to take CLEANCUT to the next level.

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